United States Government Agency seeking to help SMB's improve their security posture


Challenge:  The Biden-Harris Administration has set and achieved historic records in small business contracting.  However, while the federal contracting dollars are historic, the number of small and medium sized businesses receiving federal contracts dropped over 40% from 2010-2022.  Many businesses cited cybersecurity requirements as a significant barrier to competing for federal contracts.  The government is working with CyberAlliance to help remove the cybersecurity barrier for SMB's.

Solution: CyberAlliance partnered with the Government Agency to create a program aimed at helping SMB's become prepared to meet the cybersecurity requirements for federal contracts.    CyberAlliance created a customized training for SMB owners helping them understand the key fundamentals and cyber best practices of SMB owners globally.  

In addition, through CyberAlliance's Cyber Trust Score, the companies were able to identify, address, and manage their key cyber risks.  CyberAlliance worked with the companies to implement and operationalize their recommendations, in turn mitigating financial and reputational risk from a potential breach. CyberAlliance helped the companies use cyber security to secure more than its current assets, it created a differentiator to drive new public and private sector growth.

Developed security, privacy, and compliance roadmaps for 50 SMB's

Helped Companies become prepared to compete for $159B in US Federal Contracts available

Helped companies understand how to use their CMMC maturity as a differentiator to drive incremental business