Pan-African Technology Services company quickly scaling across



Challenge: A 9-figure Pan-African tech provider expanding to several new African countries needed to benchmark its security posture to understand their cyber security gaps, potential financial risk, and areas of noncompliance as they grew. They launched the CyberAlliance Trust Score as a way to quickly identify key areas of need and risk. 

Solution: CyberAlliance evaluated the company's Cyber Trust Score results to help them prioritize key control gaps, cyber risks, and market differentiators. CyberAlliance worked with the company to implement and operationalize their recommendations, in turn mitigating financial and reputational risk from a potential breach. CyberAlliance helped the tech company use cyber security to secure more than its current assets, it created a differentiator to drive new public and private sector growth.

Developed security, privacy, and compliance roadmap for an 8 country expansion

Mitigated over $10M in Security Risk

Created Information Security Policies for Organization