Awaqi Solves For Common Challenges

Alert Fatigue

Due to huge volumes and complexity of threat feeds, customers find it challenging to cope with them. Awaqi helps you effectively deal with these threats with built-in features like de-duplication, enrichment and aggregation, enabling you to draw meaningful and actionable intelligence.

Lack of staff expertise

Historically, the approach for threats detection is reactive and is based on individual alerts, which doesn’t provide complete context of the attacks. Thola comes with behavior-based rule base libraries which keeps updating as attackers change their tools, tactics and procedures to detect threats in the environment at various stages of their lifecycle.

You can integrate Awaqi with other platforms with ease in a matter of a few clicks.

It provides you with real-time view of infection (s), on a world map, making it easier for your staff to acquire more insight on about the attacker.

Unaware Senior Management

Awaqi gives you a highly customizable and user-friendly interface that allows even a novice to adapt and learn it in few days.

Threat Feeds

Ransomware Feeds

A set of ip addresses domain and URLs with context for ransomware establishments.

Tor Node Feeds

A set of ip addresses TOR network connections.

Malware Feeds

A set of ip addresses and domain with context for malware connections.

Phishing Feeds

A set of URL with context for pushing attacks.

Malicious Hash Feeds


 set of malicious Hash Values.


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